Quick “At Home” Workouts to Free Yourself from a Dad Bod

Not everyone has the time and money to go by the gym every day, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in shape. There are plenty of exercises that you can do to rid yourself of the Dad Bod that will take little to no time out of your day.

First, you should do some jump rope. You can do this for about 10 minutes, twice a day to burn 200 calories a day – or 1,000 calories per week. Jumping rope can be done indoors or in your yard very easily.

If you’re busy working most of the day, you can wake up about 10 minutes earlier, do it once in the morning, and then do it once when you get home. In addition to helping your heart rate with burning fat, it also strengthens your legs – something that also helps get rid of the Dad Bod.

Next, if you want to firm up your chest but don’t have time for a whole routine, you can do push-ups. Push-ups take a mere few minutes to do, and are really great for your chest.

There are schedules you can print out from various websites that will have you going from doing 3 push-ups to 20 in the matter of a month. There are also ones that take an initial measurement of how many push-ups you can do, and format your schedule around that.

These schedules are a bit better, because they don’t assume you’re a beginner or an expert – you may just be intermediate. To help bring out your abs, there are abdominal exercises that can be done in about a minute or less.

If you’re new to ab workouts, you might not be familiar with the plank exercise. Form is very key in the plank position. The only parts of your body contacting the ground should be your toes and forearms, because your arms will be bent at 90 degrees.

You shouldn’t be sticking your butt up or letting it sink down. Your body should be in a completely straight line. Most people who start off doing this can’t even go for a minute, so you should be able to get a pretty good feeling ab workout in a minute or less.

If you want to hit legs but don’t have time to load up the squat rack, there’s another under-a-minute exercise for legs called the wall sit. Wall sits are like sitting down in a chair without a chair actually being there.

You press your back and head up against a wall and hold. Don’t lean down into your legs, keep your arms down to the side. This is a very intense leg workout, and also helps with your abs.

Hope this helps!

If you’re looking for more exercise ideas or simply a more extensive plan, check this out.

14 thoughts on “Quick “At Home” Workouts to Free Yourself from a Dad Bod

  1. Cool suggestions, crisp and to the point!
    In your Post, you mentioned online schedules that can help getting better at doing push-ups. I am still struggling with them, since I feel my arms are still so weak. Do you have a website you recommend for the type of material you mentioned? Thanks so much in advance! Yuki

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      1. Thank you so much! For some reason, the 24hourfitness-link didn’t open (“Page cannot be loaded”). But the canva.com worked – for the moment, my workout drafts look kinda boring (Word! O_O). This page is great for making them look better – which of course is helpful for motivation ^.^ Thanks again!


  2. Way to go!!! I am a grandmother of 3, Food Blogger and rebel to never lose my young woman figure, mind, and style. Exercise is something I built into my schedule, just like putting on my makeup every single day! Dads… listen to Monty!!

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  3. love this! my partner used to go to the gym and didn’t feel that comfortable in that environment. So he hit the running and did a variety of weights and ab exercises at home, using the internet / youtube and his body shape has changed dramatically. It just shows that there is a different fitness style for everyone!

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  4. Great write up! I like the way it comes across and highlights how easy it can be to make a few simple changes to improve your health. I have worked out 4 or 5 times and week for the last 6 months and the changes to my weight and health have been massive so good on you for encouraging more people to change.

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  5. Great post! I’ve been injured and out of work since last April, but just had surgery to fix it. These are easy-to-implement workout routines that I can DEFINITELY fit into any schedule. Thanks Monty!

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