Getting Rid of Your Dad Bod Mentality

Much of the Dad Bod craze has to do with the mental side of it. If you can manage to conquer the mental aspect of the Dad Bod, you can become fit with no problem. Many people fall victim to the idea that they will never achieve their goals – that they’re too hard and unrealistic.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fitness goals are achievable for everyone. Many people fall into this trap because after a few weeks of working out, they haven’t seen many distinguishable results.

Even if they are healthier, they can’t really see it – so to them, they feel as though they haven’t made any progress. If these people just stuck with it for a few months, and eliminated the bad habits they sometimes continue pairing with the healthier ones, they would see results.

You can’t work out every week, only to sabotage yourself by indulging in unhealthy activities after work and on the weekends. Having the right mindset in exercise will help you stick with your program until you reach your goal.

A big part of the Dad Bod mentality that you should rid yourself of is the idea that it’s okay to just be average. In reality, that’s what the Dad Bod is – just an average man’s body.

Some people are okay with just being average, but you should be encouraged to go above and beyond expectations. It’s better to have an above average body than it is to have a standard body.

It’s like the difference between getting a C and an A on a school assignment. C is average, and it’s fine, but you could get an A if you applied yourself a bit. The A is much more rewarding and much better overall.

Those afflicted by the Dad Bod should know that they could achieve their dream body if they just applied themselves for about a year. If you went from a Dad Bod to a dream body already, it’s important to note that it can be easy to fall back into that old body.

If you don’t maintain your body once you achieve it, you very well may fall right back into that old body that you had. Many people begin thinking that they’ve reached their goal, and now they can go back to drinking beer and eating pizza.

This is far from the truth. While you can let up on your health routine a bit, you can’t fall back into that old routine that got you the Dad Bod in the first place. Maintaining a good body requires the right mindset. You have to stay a bit strict on yourself or else you’ll lose all of the progress you worked so hard for.

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15 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Your Dad Bod Mentality

  1. I had a Dad Bod, from my 30’s until I turned 50. The crazy lifestyle you lead when you have kids. When I decided to change I knew it had to be forever. So far, so good!
    I believe that you have to have a healthy lifestyle, a diet is just fooling yourself and eventually you will gain the weight again. When you live a better lifestyle you gain many advantages. Looking good and feeling good are only a small part of it. When you eat right and live an active lifestyle your quality of life improves. I lost 50 pounds in 6 months and have been living the life…. I have my own site with info and tips
    I hope you will stop by and visit

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  2. Much of what you say applies equally to using exercise as medicine in the management of chronic illnesses and/or chronic pain. People find the early days challenging and don’t immediately feel results, so give up. Sadly.

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  3. I start my New Year’s Resolutions for things I’m thankful for and for those things that are missing during Thanksgiving weekend… November 2017 was I need to get back into a healthy, strong, shape… #going strong!

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  4. I think that is a great label, the “Dad Bod” ! and it certainly seemed to be my situation for a number of years after retiring from the Navy. Procrastination, as well as finding that the gym was a real pain to get into. Unless I went in the middle of the day, all the muscle-bound or the juice geeks were all over the equipment. But when I quit the excuses and decided to quit having that sloppy look, I’ve committed to losing weight, eating right and doubling the exercise (with my dogs). And so far this year I am down 14 pounds and feeling great.

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  5. What a great site you have here. My husband is a 50 something fitness instructor and he says exactly what you are sharing here. Great advice, thanks for sharing, I shall be sending my husband the link😁

    Thanks also for taking the time to like my poetry blog, I really appreciate that. Have a wonderful day 🧡


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