Did This Activity Cause Your Dad Bod?

One of the main causes for Dad Bods everywhere is snacking.

Snacking is a really bad habit to get into, but many people today do it without even realizing it. If you cut out snacking, you’re going to reach your dream body goals faster.

Snacking generally occurs among men who enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting around playing games and watching TV will quickly lead to you snacking instead of eating full meals.

This is most prevalent with those who watch sports and have a big bowl of chips and dip ready to watch the big game. Along with these unhealthy snacks, they generally throw in beer and soda to the mix, which only makes it worse.

Snacking is really unhealthy because you quickly consume a ridiculous amount of carbs, but don’t really think about it because you do it mindlessly. If you just keep on reaching back into that chip bag to eat more and more potato chips, you’ll have finished the bag by the end of the game.

This adds up to a really unhealthy amount of calories and carbs. For example, a regular bag of classic Lay’s chips has 10 servings in it per bag. Each serving has 160 calories, 15g of carbs, and 2g of protein.

If you eat the whole bag over the course of watching the Super Bowl or any other big game, that comes out to be 1600 calories, 150g of carbs, and only 20g of protein. It’s obvious that this is one of the biggest factors of the Dad Bod.

The best option for people who like to snack is to either stop snacking or snack healthier. The first option is more difficult, but it gives better results. You should eat a breakfast, then a fruit between breakfast and lunch, then lunch, then a fruit between lunch and dinner, and then dinner.

If you really do feel like you have to snack throughout the day, there are some great healthy alternatives to chips. One great option is grapes. Grapes can keep you snacking for awhile just like chips – except they have much less carbs, and are only 62 calories a serving.

Another good alternative is popcorn. You can get 100 calorie bags that will last you much longer than a bag of chips for about 1,500 fewer calories. Most fruits and vegetables are good options for snacks.

This could include celery, apples, bananas – anything that you can grab at your local produce section. You still that crunch with things like celery, but it’s not as unhealthy for you as chips are.

Need some healthy snack ideas? Check out these recipes.

What is your favorite healthy snack?

30 thoughts on “Did This Activity Cause Your Dad Bod?

  1. I eat very healthy throughout the day but then come evening I want something sweet. I do love popcorn and choose that quite often. Umpqua makes a great fatfree frozen vanilla yogurt which is great for adding berries to.

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  2. “Snacking is really unhealthy because you quickly consume a ridiculous amount of carbs, but don’t really think about it because you do it mindlessly.” So true and never really thought of it that way. Nice post!

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  3. HI, Monty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post Physical activity may influence the health of future offspring. Thanks also for the follow. I liked your snacking post. I am a popcorn snacker, too. I like to pop my own corn in healthy coconut oil. Also, try limiting snacks. Don’t sit down with a 16 ounce bag of chips. Take out a handful – about 100 – 150 calories – close up the bag and put it away. That way you remain in control. A food scale is also a super investment. You can pick one up from Amazon for less than 20 bucks. Then you will be able to weigh out portions and be aware of how much you are eating. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Great post and so true! It’s taken me years to stop snacking in front of the TV, but now praise God I’m hooked on moringa tea, which is great! and maybe just one naughty treat when I really fancy it. 😊


  5. So true about how snacking adds up so quickly!
    One trick I use is with popcorn: I adjust the seasonings or toppings I add to whatever I’m craving. For sweet popcorn a few sprays of a butter substitute, a sprinkle of splenda or brown sugar, and a tiny bit of salt makes a kettle corn/caramel kind of taste. You can add parmesan and garlic. Or red pepper flakes and paprika for heat….The possibilities are nearly endless.

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  6. This is so true. While snacking is difficult to cut out, one thing I generally do if I have snacked is to account for that while making the portion for my full meal. Not an ideal way, but it reduces unnecessary food intake and keeps oneself lighter.

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  7. Ouch! You really hit me where I live. Yes…snacking is a bad habit. Yes, there are some healthy snacks, but seldom do we crave the healthy. One thing I have learned is that the pleasure center of the brain needs to be satisfied or I will tend to gorge on almost any food. So I have set limits for caloric intake and if I have calories to spare at the end of my day I will eat a little chocolate (cake, cookie, ice cream, etc.) paired with some dried mango or pineapple. A small amount is enough to calm my pleasure center and reduced my desire to gorge.

    Thank you for your excellent reminders!

    And thank you for liking and following my blog at https://hotfreight.wordpress.com/

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  8. So true about the snacking and exactly what contributed to my excess weight.
    Thanks for the follow Monty I’m just getting started with my blogging journey and loving reading some great info likes yours and contributing myself.
    Hopefully my Dad Bod will be a Dad Bod to be proud of very soon.

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  9. Great post! I myself have cut down on snacking and feel much healthier for it. All I eat for snacks is bananas.

    Alright fine, I snack on chips every so often because I can’t resist but this post reminds me how bad it is for me! So many carbs.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re welcome back any time! 😀

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  10. I used to be fairly strict on my eating and then I had to move back home due to some unforeseen circumstances and I snack ALL THE TIME NOW. If I could make a suggestion, I would say things like the seasoned tuna pouches are good low carb snacks, they are also high in omega three’s so they help with your HDL and LDL too!

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  11. I find that if I feel like grabbing a snack, I do much better to grab a glass of water. Thirst can often disguise itself as hunger or wanting to snack.
    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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