Lose Your ‘Dad Bod’ With This Cost-Effective Pull Up Bar

Having a Dad Bod isn’t healthy. You probably already know that and you’ve been meaning to do something about it, but two things hold you back. You don’t really have the time to work out and buying a gym membership is too expensive – especially if you know that you really, really hate going to the gym.

What you need to do is get workout equipment that makes exercising both convenient and affordable. If you didn’t have to leave your home to get in shape, it would make losing that ‘Dad Bod’ a whole lot easier.

That’s why the ProSource Pull Up and Chin Up Bar is such a popular buy for shedding the pounds that creates a Dad Bod. This bar can work out so many different muscles, it’s like having a tool that does the job of several pieces of gym equipment.

One of the biggest issues with the Dad Bod is when you have that excess weight on your stomach. This is the worst place on your body to carry fat because it affects your health the most.

But the bar can tone up your upper body fast and make it easy to get rid of the outward appearance of the Dad Bod and work on the inner destruction that visceral fat can cause.

While you gain upper body strength from exercising using the bar, you also tone up the abdomen, the chest, and the biceps – plus other muscles like your back and shoulders.

You’ll have the strength to pull yourself up with regular pullups or cross ankle pullups. You’ll also gain the upper body strength to do chin ups. You’re not stuck with using just one angle to work out with, either.

The bar is 41 inches in length and strong enough for you to use for your oblique muscles and your upper thigh and calf muscles. You can do leg raises, triceps dips and more with this simple piece of equipment.

The best thing about this bar is that if you don’t want to mount the piece, you can use it as a portable tool for even more exercise choices. You can move it and rearrange it for whatever exercise you need to perform.

When you’re ready to do your repetitions for crunches or situps, you just place it lower in the doorframe. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put this together and set it up so that you can get started immediately getting rid of that Dad Bod.

You’ll need a good doorframe that’s solid and it needs to be between 24 to 36 inches. It’s made of a heavy duty steel, has 12 grips and a selection of handles. It can easily support up to a 300-pound weight load. You can use the J brackets to fix the bar anywhere if you don’t plan to take it down.

With the right equipment, you can say goodbye to that Dad Bod and hello to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Check out the ProSource Pull Up and Chin Up Bar and let me know how it goes in the comments…

12 thoughts on “Lose Your ‘Dad Bod’ With This Cost-Effective Pull Up Bar

  1. Hi, and thanks for following trt-train.com, Monty! I am going to follow you back. Because of a wordpress mixup, you ended up following my old site that has move and has no content. Feel free to try to re-follow on trt-train.com as I have tried to fix the cock up.


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  2. I’m more likely to have a mom bod except I’m not a mom. The dad bod info is interesting, tho. I guess I thought men weren’t all that concerned about their bods, but that’s assuming a lot. You opened my eyes. I have a pretty strong upper body – years on crutches – and I like exercising. Thanks for reading.

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