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Lose Your ‘Dad Bod’ With This Cost-Effective Pull Up Bar

Having a Dad Bod isn’t healthy. You probably already know that and you’ve been meaning to do something about it, but two things hold you back. You don’t really have the time to work out and buying a gym membership is too expensive – especially if you know that you really, really hate going to the gym.

What you need to do is get workout equipment that makes exercising both convenient and affordable. If you didn’t have to leave your home to get in shape, it would make losing that ‘Dad Bod’ a whole lot easier.

That’s why the ProSource Pull Up and Chin Up Bar is such a popular buy for shedding the pounds that creates a Dad Bod. This bar can work out so many different muscles, it’s like having a tool that does the job of several pieces of gym equipment.

One of the biggest issues with the Dad Bod is when you have that excess weight on your stomach. This is the worst place on your body to carry fat because it affects your health the most.

But the bar can tone up your upper body fast and make it easy to get rid of the outward appearance of the Dad Bod and work on the inner destruction that visceral fat can cause.

While you gain upper body strength from exercising using the bar, you also tone up the abdomen, the chest, and the biceps – plus other muscles like your back and shoulders.

You’ll have the strength to pull yourself up with regular pullups or cross ankle pullups. You’ll also gain the upper body strength to do chin ups. You’re not stuck with using just one angle to work out with, either.

The bar is 41 inches in length and strong enough for you to use for your oblique muscles and your upper thigh and calf muscles. You can do leg raises, triceps dips and more with this simple piece of equipment.

The best thing about this bar is that if you don’t want to mount the piece, you can use it as a portable tool for even more exercise choices. You can move it and rearrange it for whatever exercise you need to perform.

When you’re ready to do your repetitions for crunches or situps, you just place it lower in the doorframe. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put this together and set it up so that you can get started immediately getting rid of that Dad Bod.

You’ll need a good doorframe that’s solid and it needs to be between 24 to 36 inches. It’s made of a heavy duty steel, has 12 grips and a selection of handles. It can easily support up to a 300-pound weight load. You can use the J brackets to fix the bar anywhere if you don’t plan to take it down.

With the right equipment, you can say goodbye to that Dad Bod and hello to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Check out the ProSource Pull Up and Chin Up Bar and let me know how it goes in the comments…

Did This Activity Cause Your Dad Bod?

One of the main causes for Dad Bods everywhere is snacking.

Snacking is a really bad habit to get into, but many people today do it without even realizing it. If you cut out snacking, you’re going to reach your dream body goals faster.

Snacking generally occurs among men who enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting around playing games and watching TV will quickly lead to you snacking instead of eating full meals.

This is most prevalent with those who watch sports and have a big bowl of chips and dip ready to watch the big game. Along with these unhealthy snacks, they generally throw in beer and soda to the mix, which only makes it worse.

Snacking is really unhealthy because you quickly consume a ridiculous amount of carbs, but don’t really think about it because you do it mindlessly. If you just keep on reaching back into that chip bag to eat more and more potato chips, you’ll have finished the bag by the end of the game.

This adds up to a really unhealthy amount of calories and carbs. For example, a regular bag of classic Lay’s chips has 10 servings in it per bag. Each serving has 160 calories, 15g of carbs, and 2g of protein.

If you eat the whole bag over the course of watching the Super Bowl or any other big game, that comes out to be 1600 calories, 150g of carbs, and only 20g of protein. It’s obvious that this is one of the biggest factors of the Dad Bod.

The best option for people who like to snack is to either stop snacking or snack healthier. The first option is more difficult, but it gives better results. You should eat a breakfast, then a fruit between breakfast and lunch, then lunch, then a fruit between lunch and dinner, and then dinner.

If you really do feel like you have to snack throughout the day, there are some great healthy alternatives to chips. One great option is grapes. Grapes can keep you snacking for awhile just like chips – except they have much less carbs, and are only 62 calories a serving.

Another good alternative is popcorn. You can get 100 calorie bags that will last you much longer than a bag of chips for about 1,500 fewer calories. Most fruits and vegetables are good options for snacks.

This could include celery, apples, bananas – anything that you can grab at your local produce section. You still that crunch with things like celery, but it’s not as unhealthy for you as chips are.

Need some healthy snack ideas? Check out these recipes.

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Awesome Tool To Help You Get Rid Of Your Dad Bod

Just like any project you undertake, having the right tools for the job make the job much easier.

One such tool for getting rid of your dad bod is the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband.

You’ll have more energy, be more confident, and be healthier than you were before. While a Fitbit won’t help you lose the weight directly, it can be a powerful source of motivation to guide you on your journey to becoming a healthier man.

The Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband tracks your activity so you can see how active or sedentary you really are. It also tracks your heart rate as you go about your day to day activities.

This can be helpful to make sure that youíre staying in the normal heart range for your weight and activity level. What many Fitbit users love about this device is that it encourages users to join online challenges.

You can participate in challenges to walk a certain amount of steps or sleep a certain amount of hours. Some people use their Fitbits for offline challenges, like employees who challenge each other to see who can get the most steps in the office.

Having a supportive community – whether online or off – can be one of the most effective ways to trim down and tone up your Dad Bod. Another feature that makes the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband popular is the fact that it can track your sleep patterns.

While it’s not intended to diagnose a sleep disorder, you can use the Fitbit to get an accurate look at how and when you sleep to see if anything is contributing to your fatigue besides weight.

You might discover that you’re a restless sleeper or that you need more sleep than you’re actually getting. Keep in mind that sleep is important if you hope to lose weight and ditch the Dad Bod for good.

Without proper sleep, your metabolism slows and you’re more likely to crave unhealthy foods like the pizza and beer. That’s why it can be helpful to see what the Fitbit shows you about your sleeping patterns.

You can also use your Fitbit to set alarms. If you hate waking up to a blaring alarm clock, then the Fitbit’s gentle vibrations may be just what you need to get up and get your day started.

You can even set an alarm if you’re looking to take a nap. Another good thing about using a Fitbit is that you can discover how many calories you’re really burning. This can help you determine if you need to adjust your diet to eat more or less food.

Because your calories burned are tracked, you can easily look back through the records in your Fitbit account during a plateau. Don’t let your Dad Bod hold you back from changing your life.

You’re never too old or too far set in your Dad Bod habits to get healthy and the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband can make the process of losing weight more enjoyable.

Even better, there’s a pretty good deal on the Fitbit Charge over at Amazon right now. Check it out here.

What is a “dad bod”?

The Dad Bod is a body type that affects many men today – anywhere between the ages of 16 and up. A Dad Bod doesn’t necessarily equal obesity. It equals more of an untoned body, and is unfortunately, somewhat of a fad.

Contrary to what the name may imply, the Dad Bod affects young men as well as middle aged. These men could take the route of getting in shape, but they see this fad right now working okay for other guys, which isn’t being necessarily fit.

The Dad Bod doesn’t mean that you’re overweight or fat. A good example of someone who has a Dad Bod would be someone who does lift weights, but you never see their progress because they’ll have beer and pizza in the same day.

This doesn’t necessarily make them weaker, but they do have excess fat that, if cut down, would make them look much stronger. They may have a slight pudge in their stomach, and slimmer arms and legs, which are soft and untoned.

The Dad Bod is bad because it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether or not the man is terribly obese, the habits will eventually cause worse weight gain and the underlying, invisible conditions like diabetes will remain a concern.

The worst part about the Dad Bod is that it promotes averageness. It tries to push the idea that being par is good and encouraged. Dad Bod people aren’t overweight, nor are they super buff.

They’re ordinary. Many have attempted to equate the Dad Bod to Leonardo DiCaprio, now that he has one, or Chris Hemsworth, who the media claims looks better with a Dad Bod than as his ripped character, Thor.

You can tell if you have a Dad Bod pretty easily. You’ll have a little beer belly, an untoned chest, but you’re not weak. You might lift weights occasionally, and you’re strong like a dad, but it just doesn’t show.

The diet that comes with a Dad Bod may include beer, pizza, burgers, chips, sweets, etc. It’s essentially the body type equivalent of mashed potatoes versus a crinkle cut fry. One’s soft and lumpy, the other ripped and crisp.

The Dad Bod has become a fad today for various reasons. Most of the women who like it say that it represents someone more “natural” and they like the pressure for themselves to be fit off of them.

Although, this also makes no sense, because a truly natural human would not be drinking beer – he would drink water. And instead of pizza, he’d eat lean meat. The Dad Bod seems to represent comfort to some people, but it’s not worth the lack of health benefits that come with it.

What do you think?

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