The Best Proteins to Help Combat Your Dad Bod

One of the key parts of gaining muscle is protein. If you don’t know where to start, it can be a bit confusing when trying to figure out what protein to buy. Fortunately for you, here’s a quick list of the best proteins on the market.

First, you should know that there are two different main types of protein: whey and casein. These are the two main proteins that are extracted from milk. Whey is generally taken right after a workout to promote quicker muscle healing.

Casein is generally taken before bed in order to keep your muscles well fed. The first brand that you should try is Optimum Nutrition, or ON as their label says. They sell really good whey protein and casein.

These are pretty good prices from Amazon – especially for such a great product. Like most proteins, their most popular flavor is chocolate, because the other flavors are generally not as good.

Next you should check out BSN SYNTHA-6. They have a similar product to ON, at a better price on Amazon. The only real complaint about this one is that it has many more carbs than the ON brand.

A serving of this brand has a carb-protein ratio of about 3:4 while the ON brand has about 1:8. This makes ON a better brand for post workout shakes, but BSN is still a good meal replacement.

Another brand to consider is Body Fortress. At a similar price per pound to BSN, they give you a pretty good deal for some quality protein. The carb to protein ratio on this brand is 3:10, which is better than BSN, but still not quite as good as ON.

This is the best post-workout protein for anyone who wants to get their protein at a good price. Most proteins that you find at places like Academy or Walmart will probably be fine – just chose the one with the best carb-protein ratio and try that one.

If you don’t really have loyalties to any one brand in particular, you should just try each one and see which one you like more. One shake may have a weird consistency, one may not mix very well, one may have a weird taste – but you just have to find the one that fits you.

The brands listed above are the recommended starter choices, but if you find a brand that suits you best, stick to that one. You can’t go wrong finding protein to add to your diet to weed out unwanted carbs.

I’d love to know which protein you like best. Leave me the details in the comments…

22 thoughts on “The Best Proteins to Help Combat Your Dad Bod

  1. I haven’t tried moringa, but I do use ON. Love it. I fought my dad bod with intek but it is expensive so I stick to ON or Dymatize 100. The other big protein is beef protein which I think muscletech has a good brand for it.

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  2. As you said in the article, a lot of it comes down to taste preference. I tend to stick with a whey protein isolate instead of a concentrate blend. These have less fat, sugar and cholesterol. I have tried all the major brands on the market and I usually do three scoops per day so price is a consideration. I used to get one called Iron Man Optimized whey from my local GNC store but they don’t carry it anymore. It had MCT and L-carnitine and was partly sweetened with honey which was a nice touch. Now I usually just get whatever is on sale there like Wheybolic or Pure Isolate. I recently found out that GNC will price match any competitor and will even discount the product an additional 10% and ship it directly every month.

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  3. Hey Monty! Thanks for the follow. I had mentioned in my blog post that all new followers get a free 30-minute health coaching session. You look like you have a great healthy lifestyle, but just wanted to check in as see if you are interested!

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  4. Whey protein was a life saver for me when my Lyme was at it’s worse. The problem I had is many source of whey had high levels of phenylalanine. Lyme had given me phenylketonuria. It took me weeks to find one that did not have high levels of phenylalanine. I could not eat anything, I was living off whey protein, bee pollen and camu camu. They where the only things that I could keep down. All other things made me ill . GMOs would really set me back learned this the hard way. I got soy protein and it set me back weeks. Even now that I am back on my feet if I eat anything with GMOs in it , I get very ill.

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  5. Hi Monty,
    Just checking out your Blog. I haven’t had a chance to read too much. But I see you want results. Just wondering if you have ever tried intermittent fasting? I started doing it and I think it’s the way to go. Take care!!Also thanks for following my Blog too!! It does seem like I see many Dad bods around. And these are from men don’t have kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I watched a documentary on Netflix called Fasting. Some do it for extremes. But I try to fast for 12 hours and it seems to help you to burn all the sugar before you start eating more. It gives your pancreas a rest and just gives your body a chance to digest your food. I highly recommend you try and it experiment. Of course I did a post on it and Iโ€™m happy to share but only if youโ€™re interested. I feel that so many people need a little guidance.


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